Furniture design and production

Furniture design and production

Our designs are the results of our passion for what we do. We are delighted with our customers’ ideas, we are delighted with materials we use, and we are also delighted with how a design drawn on a piece of paper can become a real thing. Finally, we are always delighted with what we create. Furniture design and production, together.

What is our designer furniture like? These pieces are distinguished by their light forms, timeless design and originality of workmanship. We try to ensure that the products which we create in our design studios have a unique character, combining beauty and functionality.


Design is the first step in our pursuit for perfection, while the second is to transform the design into tangible shapes. This is what takes place in our production facility, where more than 60 employees take good care of making your dreams come true. Only high-quality materials are used in the production process, so that the final effect always comes up to the expectations. We utilise modern technologies in implementing our projects, to achieve high precision and provide an infinite number of design possibilities. However, our commitment to perfection means that we are proud to ensure that every piece of furniture we manufacture is of the quality normally achieved during manual manufacture. Our furniture is not a coincidence, we understand it very well because we test every single piece of furniture to guarantee the highest satisfaction.

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