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Although each piece of furniture can delight, it is only their skilful combination that will create the pleasure of feeling that everything is in its place. Our designs are created by people who understand their job and...


Furniture design and production

Our designs are the results of our passion for what we do. We are delighted with our customers’ ideas, we are delighted with materials we use, and we are also delighted with how a design drawn on a piece of paper can become a real thing...


Interior finishes

Adapting and finishing interiors in accordance with the needs of our customers is like creating works of art – it is only the fine details that make the whole noteworthy. This is what happens when...


TOP Design Studio – for interiors and furniture

Here at TOP Design Studio we have been delivering services in the furniture market for 10 years. However, our experience is much greater as the company is now managed by the third generation of the Szczepański family. Grzegorz, the current owner of TOP Design Studio, worked in the company together with his father from an early age, to get to know the genuine art of creating furniture.

TOP Design Studio is about unique, exclusive design. It is about interiors and furniture which we adjust to meet the desires and expectations of the most demanding of customers.

Creating a unique interior is not an easy task. After all, it must correspond to the customer’s individual tastes and aesthetic preferences. A well-designed room must be in line with its function as well as forming a whole that is in harmony with the principles of art and design. These are the assumptions that guide us in our projects, and is what you can expect from us.

We know well that there is no universal recipe for arranging the ideal interior. However, we do have a few rules we use to help avoid disappointments. The first is to develop the design together with you, allowing us to take all your needs and preferences into account. Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable interior, marked by a coherent style.

While the project is being implemented, we consult you to be sure that everything appeals to you. We choose furniture together, and when our collection lacks anything of interest, we design what is required and make it from scratch. The created space is complemented with small items, which bring practicality and a sense of home to any place. This is how exceptional places are created. Discover our ideas for your interior.









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I could spend long time talking about our designs, projects and concepts, but I would certainly overlook the most important idea that has guided us since the beginnings of the company – creating unique furniture for exceptional people. The furniture industry is more than our way to earn a living, it is also our way of life.

Today, the company is managed by the third generation of the Szczepański family. However, the commitment to tradition is still strongly emphasized – just look at the care we take in the design, and the diligence in the manufacture of the furniture, all this shows that the production of furniture is our passion.<br /> We believe that everything we possess should not only have a beautiful appearance, but also a soul – and this is what determines the uniqueness of our projects.

We pay particular attention to the safety of our furniture. This is why, before we hand over any piece of furniture, it undergoes a series of tests and trials to evaluate its durability and resistance to external factors. Only then can we present it.


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