4 ways to optically enlarge a small bathroom

4 ways to optically enlarge a small bathroom

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Designing a small yet functional bathroom does not have to be a problem. Just use a few tricks to visually gain more space. Here are four ways to make our bathroom look more spacious.

Choose light colours

Visual enlargement of the bathroom can be easily achieved by using a light colour scheme. This does not mean that walls and floors must be covered with simple white tiles. To enrich the bathroom, we can choose mosaics of different shapes. However, we should also consider smooth textures. A bathroom in neutral colours will be a better solution for anyone who wants it to serve them for many years to come. It is easy to choose accessories for such colours, which can be freely changed according to our preferences.

Apply appropriate lighting

It may seem that one point of light on the ceiling should be enough to sufficiently illuminate a small bathroom. Nothing could be further from the truth. In small rooms, lighting should be carefully planned. This is especially important in rooms without windows. In addition to the ceiling lamp, light points by the mirror and the cupboard are also useful. When planning lighting in the bathroom, it is better to opt for lamps with a diffuse, white light.

Shower stall or bathtub?

Small spaces mean that most people decide to choose a shower stall, giving up on a bathtub. If we would still like to have a bath, it is a good idea to opt for a small bathtub with an additional shower panel. Regardless of whether we choose a bathtub or a shower, it is important to remember not to place it in front of the entrance door. This allows us to avoid the sense of being overwhelmed when we enter the bathroom.

Create space on the floor

More space on the floor means more room. How can we achieve such an effect? Simply select hanging equipment – a suspended washbasin, wall-mounted cabinets or a suspended toilet bowl. Thanks to suspended equipment, it is also easier to keep the bathroom clean.

Combine equipment

In very small bathrooms, a toilet combined with a washbasin would be ideal. It is also a very ecological and economical solution – water from the washbasin flows into the toilet cistern, where it is reused.

Only necessary equipment

Every piece of space is worth its weight in gold, so we should make the most of it. If we have the opportunity to put the washing machine in another room, we should do it! Removing the washing machine from the bathroom frees up a lot of space. If this is not possible, it is worth buying a smaller washing machine. There are many different sizes available on the market, and they make the design of our room simpler.

Use available space

The less unnecessary things that are in plain sight, the larger the bathroom will look. Cabinets under the washbasin and behind the mirror, shelves in the corners, as well as cabinets above the door or the bathtub allow us to easily hide cosmetics and cleaning products.

Hang mirrors

The most important addition to visually enlarge the room is a mirror. As a decorative element it is used for this purpose in various rooms. The mirror reflects light and the space in front of it, making the interior appear brighter and larger. Large mirrors from the floor to the ceiling or along the entire length of a wall certainly fulfil their function. It is also an interesting solution to extend the mirror on the side wall. For small bathrooms, a mirror without a frame is a better solution, as frames add weight to the bathroom.

Look for inspiration

If we are still unsure how to decorate our bathroom, we can take a look at the bathroom designs available on the web. Websites and social media with inspirations concerning the renovation and decoration of flats are abundant, with photographs and videos that show the metamorphosis of small bathrooms. Such entries are often accompanied by the prices of individual items and the names of the shops where they can be purchased. This makes it much easier to find products and calculate the costs of refurbishment.