Free the imagination – mineral-acrylic boards

Free the imagination – mineral-acrylic boards

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Nowadays, art is present everywhere, especially in modern interior designs. Mineral-acrylic boards are a perfect material for any creative interior design.

It is much more than a durable finishing material – it allows us to create eccentric, artistic and abstract interiors.

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Mineral-acrylic boards can be combined with glass, metal, textiles and other materials, so we can create amazing objects that will stand the test of time and give our interior a more individual character.

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The boards can be freely shaped and milled. As a versatile and resilient material, it allows us to create flowing lines, waves and any patterns inspired by nature.

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The material is renewable and easy to repair, once installed the finished part can be periodically sanded and polished, so that it still looks like new after 10–20 years of intense use.

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Mineral-acrylic boards have a wide range of applications: in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, open spaces, catering establishments, hotels, laboratories and medical rooms.

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Soon we will introducing how we can use mineral materials in the construction of bathroom furniture.